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Let Access Control Bay Area take care of your Office Security System and communications needs so you can stay focused on your business. Our custom-designed security systems help you maintain a safe. Efficient environment for your customers, employees, and property.

Security Cameras for Businesses Near Bay Area

Who’s watching your property when your business is close? FBI data shows that 60% of reported burglaries happen when no one is at a business. Without CCTV security cameras, your business is taking an unnecessary risk. That risk could result in real, added costs for your business. From having to replace damaged or stolen property and assets, to compromising the safety of employees. And after-hours maintenance staff, your business can’t afford to be an easy target.

Affordable CCTV Surveillance Cameras

The days of expensive CCTV systems that need replacement cassettes are over. Today, Access Control Bay Area offers cutting edge CCTV surveillance cameras. That fit the needs and budget of small businesses as well as large industrial complexes.

Modern CCTV security cameras allow for quick viewing of video evidence. This surveillance camera footage can then be copy to a DVD or flash drive to hand over to law enforcement.

Our affordable, wireless security cameras allow you to check your business from anywhere. With remote access available from your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Interested in CCTV security cameras for your business? Commercial Security Systems Made For Your Business

Threats to businesses go beyond break ins. Government statistics report more than 200 workplace fires a day. With Access Control Bay Area’ fire alarm systems, your employees and property are protect from costly property damage.

Many businesses also have restricted areas that should only be accessible for authorized persons. We provide access control systems that can secure any area, from a single door to a complex network of specific facilities.

For organizations that require special industrial controls. Such as regulated room temperatures, maintained water levels and more. Access Control Bay Area protect valuable materials and equipment with state of the art industrial control systems.

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