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Access Control Bay Area

Access Control Bay Area

Access Control Bay Area is dedicated to providing the best security products and services available. Backed by leading innovations in residential & commercial security technology, Access Control Bay Area has the highest standards that you’ll find for design, installations and professional, helpful customer service. Here’s what security customers like about Access Control Bay Area:

  1. Fast professional service. Action will assist your local home builder to provide complete service so you have the greatest amount of options while your home is under construction.
  2. Action systems expand to meet your needs as your family grows or if you make home improvements.
  3. Fire Monitoring. Security and Fire Monitoring at the same low cost, 24 hours a day, every day.
  4. Environmental Monitoring. Water, Low temperature, sump pump, and freeze monitors to give you advance warning of trouble.
  5. Remote Control. Optional wireless key chain (key fob) controls deliver easy on / off system control.
  6. Wireless flexibility is built-in. Wireless sensors are easy to install and easy to move, adaptable for almost every application.

Keeping safe and secure is the goal of every person. Yet threats exist which all too often turn into a tragedy and property loss.

To ensure that your property remains safe and sound, five major areas must be addressed within your property’s environment:

  • Fire and Smoke
  • Burglary and Robbery
  • Systems Breakdown and/or Trouble
  • Secure Building/Area Access take
  • Monitoring

Fortunately, you can take common sense steps today to help prevent tragedy from striking tomorrow.

We offer sound advice and solutions for home and property protection and safety. We will help you take the important measures necessary to ensure the safety of your valued property today and tomorrow.

Access Control Bay Area is well known for its exceptional On-Going Service and Maintenance that we provide our customers. We want you to feel secure in the system you have as well as the people running that system. When you choose Access Control Bay Area as your residential or commercial provider, you are choosing a system with an outstanding commitment to you, your property, and the people around you.

Let us provide you with on-going service including the repairing of your security system and troubleshooting when there is a problem. We provide annual check-ups to keep your system running smoothly along with written check-up reports. We also provide Certified Fire Alarm inspections to keep your property safe and up-to-date. Need your security system repaired, and don’t know who to call? We are happy to help and will repair brands such as:

  • Honeywell
  • Silent Night
  • DSC
  • FBI
  • FCI
  • Radionics

For a maintenance that takes the worry out of protecting your property, Access Control Bay Area provides a wide variety of System Maintenance Agreements with options that can be customize to meet your specific needs.

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