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Our state-of-the-art remote access allows you to check on, control, and record events such as who is entering your building or entering a room and at what time they entered. With Access Control Bay Area, you can remotely* access your system from any computer including your home computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Using access control, your customize security system can control which individuals are given access to rooms and your building. External and internal doors are monitor and control to your specifications and our Access Control software provides you with reports when you need them to evaluate your security. Using access control allows you to adjust who is allow through a doorway from your online application at a moment’s notice.

One of the best ways to protect your home and business is a security system. Studies have shown that you are far less likely to be a victim of a burglary if you have an alarm system install.

Access Control Bay Area Install Alarm Systems

Access Control Bay Area will install alarm systems that include protecting all exterior doors and possible window entry points to your home or business. You can add the security of interior motion detectors and/or glass break detectors.

The alarms Access Control Bay Area installs utilize electronic sensors. The alarm system informs you of any unauthorize entry to your property or unauthorize movement within the home or business with sirens and flashing lights. Simultaneously, an electronic digital signal is transmitted directly to the Central Monitoring Station and the need authorities are immediately dispatch.

Homes and business “under construction” should be install with wire (hardwire) security alarm systems. Owners of existing properties may wish to consider wireless security or a hybrid system (hardwire and wireless technology combined.)

Protection is the main purpose of any security system – including a “wireless” system.

A wireless system from Access Control Bay Area, manufacture by Ademco or DSC, employs today’s most advanced technology. They’re reliable, convenient to operate, and easy to expand or move should your location and/or needs change.

These systems can monitor every critical aspect of your home or business. Each sensor has its own factory programmed identity. The security control panel learns the identity of each sensor in the system. These sensors are not subject to the effects of temperature and humidity, thereby enhancing the system’s reliability and performance.

In addition, our installations are supervised. Supervision means that the systems sensors regularly report their status to the control panel – which will report to the Central Station through Monitoring. This assures you that each sensor and its battery are in good working condition.

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