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Is your property safe and secure?

So, don’t let inadequate services threaten your livelihood! By gaining peace of mind now to get the total protection of your business needs!

It provides you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticate security solutions in many applications. From a single building to a sprawling complex, our Access Control Systems can help you secure and manage your property efficiently.

In providing on-site consultation, we believe it’s the best way to check your situation and check the best and most cost-effective option or options suite for your business needs. Well, we’ll physically walk around the entire building with you and go over every door.

Because introducing access with an edge, the Access Bay Area has been developing with an installer-friendly design that easily adjusts to your existing IT infrastructure and methods. By providing lower at-the-door costs and reduces the cost of ownership.

The Access Control Bay Area enables users to securely manage their system anywhere there’s an internet connection – with no dedicate PC costs. The simply log on and you’re ready to go, securely – from the office or anywhere. A browser-based interface provides ease in you’re learning curve and training times are essentially decreasing.

And when you invest in a commercial system, you’re getting the best of the best:


To manage your access control anywhere with an Internet connection enabling ease in making quick decisions.


The purchase the exact amount of access you need now and easily add doors later if needed – lowering at-the-door costs and making control more affordable.


So, false alarms are reduced to stop a right during times when the system is an arm. The easily connect multiple panels to your existing network reducing installation and support costs.

The choice is clear. By your business needs a control system that works right for you! So, contact Access Control Bay Area now or send us an email.

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